Services Available

Technology can be very fickle!

We have all experienced at some time or another, a computer crashing or running incredibly slow. There is nothing more annoying than when you are in the middle of an important document or watching your favourite programme, and all of a sudden your computer decided to take a break and go so slow it's like watching paint dry, or worse it shuts down completely! Very Annoying!


Fact! Laptops need servicing regularly. Have you noticed how hot (and noisy) your laptop gets after you've been using it for a while. The fan has to work harder to it cool because of a build-up of dust and flick. A full service costs just £60 and includes a full software and hardware clear-out.


Desktop PC's are like dust magnets! If you had a look inside your computer, you would be horrified by the amount if dust, flick and spiders that live inside there. A full desktop service costs from £60, and will come back to you running faster, quieter and cooler than ever.


These fantastic little touch screens are more popular than ever. But have you got yours set up to get the best from it? Let me come and show you what your tablet can really do. Or maybe you gave it to the kids to play a game, and they lost... now you have a broken screen! Not a problem, I can fix that.


Smart phones are fantastic gadgets that can do all manner of clever things. They can even make a phone call! If you've just a new smartphone and you have no idea how to get it sending emails or posting photos to Facebook, I can help. Or if you've dropped it and broken the screen, I can replace it for you.


Broken screen? Not a problem. All versions of iPad and iPhone repaired. Prices start from £30.